Wordtracker VS. Keyword Discovery-The Winner Is…

Anyone who’s heard of Wordtracker has likely heard of John Alexander.  Recently, John did a very through point-by-point comparison of these two professional keyword research and analysis tools.

He evaluated them head to head on 11 factors and declared a winner in each area:

  1. Keyword forensics – Word tracker
  2. KEI effectiveness (competition) – Equal
  3. Reports for purchase – Keyword Discovery
  4. Projects – Equal
  5. Historical research data - Keyword Discovery
  6. Available languages – Keyword Discovery
  7. Data base size – Keyword Discovery
  8. Other data – Keyword Discovery
  9. Related Keywords – Equal
  10. Seasonally related data – Keyword Discovery
  11. Industry keyword tool – Keyword discovery

Wordtracker came out on top in just 1 category. The tools were declared about equal in 3 areas. Keyword Discovery easily took the contest as superior in 7 features.

I found the results a bit startling and I imagine John did, too.  After all, he’s probably Wordtrackers biggest fan and has been for years. Like many SEOs I am often asked which research software I recommend. In the future, I’ll simply refer those questioners to John’s professional keyword tool comparision. Read it to get details about the evaluation and learn why Keyword Discovery won hands down.

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