Back to SEO Basics-What Do the Search Engines Want?

Successful SEO is achieved by giving the Search Engines what they want. That sounds simple and it is, but to satisfy them, we must first identify what exactly it is that the Search Engines do want.

The Search Engines want to return the most relevant results for every search query. This is the basis for their success and profitability. Even though they don’t always get it right, it is what they are striving for and they get better at it all the time.

Google is the most successful Search Engine because it has proven to people that it consistently gives them the best – most relevant – search results. Fortunately, Google tells us what they want in their webmaster guidelines. Read them and occasionally go back and read them again because they sometimes change.

To give Google what they want, keep these 4 goals in mind:

Be Accessible-make certain the Search Engine spiders can see everything you want them to see on your web site.

Be Original-the Search Engines want to display fresh, unduplicated content in their search results.

Be Relevant-your web pages need to be among the most relevant to the queries you wish them to rank for them to acheive high positioning in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Be Popular-get links from other web pages, ideally by creating good, original content that other people want to link to.

You can see how this all fits together!

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As a Local SEO practitioner and consultant, I speak frequently about Local Search at industry conferences –Advanced LocalU, SMX, Pubcon, Searchfest, OMS and SES. I’ve conducted intensive trainings on Local Search for Search Engine Strategies, Planet Ocean, Search Engine Workshops, the Denver Chamber of Commerce, and for my own clients and the clients of other agencies.

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