No One Follows Your Blog? No Need to Fret

Blog for SEOPersonally, I think it is awesome to have people follow my blog, I LOVE likes and shares and comments and follow up emails, but the reality is this: IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU DON’T HAVE BLOG FOLLOWERS.

Sorry for the shouting, but it really doesn’t matter if people aren’t flocking to your blog every day with high hopes of learning from you. Blogs are still valuable assets for your website and your business for the following reasons:

1. Search Engine Optimization: Google has told us that it rewards websites with fresh content. A Google reward means ranking higher in the search results. Each time you add a blog post, you are adding fresh content to make Google happy. In addition, you are also building another door through which searchers can find and enter your website. Hub Spot has reported that websites with blogs get 55% more traffic than those without them and having more traffic helps sites rank higher in the search engine results, too.

2. A blog post lasts forever. Someone can search on a topic years after you have written about it on your blog and that post still has the potential to be found and consumed.

3. Blogging shows your expertise. Chances are you are continually doing research that keeps you updated on what is going on in your own industry, so share that knowledge on your blog. For example, if you are an electrician and clients are asking your opinion on which generator to buy, you can examine the top 3 brands and compare them, citing their pros and cons, and publish this on your website. Other people who are wondering what machine to purchase may read your blog post, gain confidence in your expertise and choose to hire you to install a generator for them.

4. Blogging gives you a you a forum for thinking, writing, and creating. Your blog could be the place where you work through your thoughts on a subject. Writing down your opinions on a controversial topic, for example, lets you explore your ideas and helps you understand more clearly why you feel a particular way.

5. You can provide efficient customer service via blogging.  Loads of my blog posts are actually my own personal FAQ’s – I find an answer to a question and then post it to my blog. By sharing my own personal library of “issues”,  I have gained thousands of page views and plenty of clients. When people ask for help, I can often just send them the URL of a blog post that I have already written. My guess in most business people answer at least one question a day.  Save yourself time and answer those questions in blog posts.

6. A blog is a great place for content that doesn’t really fit on the main pages of your website. If you are the aforementioned electrician, for example, a page devoted to pros and cons of generators may not make sense within your site structure and navigation. However it can work perfectly as blog post on your site.

7. Affiliate income.  It’s possible to earn money by placing ads on your blog. This isn’t as easy as it used to be, but can still be a source of additional income.

8. A blog is a valuable asset that you completely own and control. Sharing content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is awesome and can help you get more attention, but any of those sites could go belly up at any time. So post your most valuable content on your own blog, first. Then put the link to it on social media sites to drive more visitors to your site.

9. Blogging helps you establish yourself as an authority. A blog with a couple of hundred posts that you have written gives you a lot more street cred than saying you have read a couple hundred blog posts on a subject. Put yourself at the top of the pyramid by showing you’re and authority in your field.

10. Blogging allows you to show your human side. People like to do business with people they feel they know. By sharing personal experiences, you can help them to know you a little better.

If you are feeling a little down in the dumps because you haven’t hit a million blog subscribers (or even 20), don’t fret.  There is so much upside to blogging that you need to just keep cranking out the content and your business will grow. Here are some ideas on how to get the most value from blog posts that you might find helpful.

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Eileen Lonergan has worked for web based businesses since 2003. This includes PPC, SEO, blogging, email marketing and WordPress website design.


  1. Awesome info and great encouragement for people who may feel like they’re doing a lot of blogging in the dark! I especially like the electrician comparison. Besides, when you keep at it the followers tend to come in time.

  2. Inspiring thought. bloggers never quit after reading this excellent tips. never mind if no one likes our blog. google is always there to make us happy! i like it.

  3. Very helpful thank Eileen. It can be discouraging to keep writing posts when very few people follow or share them. You make a good case to persevere!

    • You are welcome, keep posting it does pay off. I had someone contact me today about a post I wrote in 2011, I had to go back and read it, I didn’t even know what they were talking referring to in their email, but it was a great connection for me.

  4. Blogging daily is like having coffee, it just helps get your day started in the right way. Once, someone asked me, “how will I get people to subscribe to my blog?” I said; “Why not write something valuable anyway, for your own sense of accomplishment and for the pure joy of writing?” I don’t know if it makes sense for everyone, but, for me writing helps me in many ways. Most of what I write is for myself, an edification process, potentially not very interesting to a mass audience. Some of what I write probably appeals to a large audience, but they’ll have to find me to get the goods. If you think of yourself as a writer, I think you should write a blog – make up your own reasons and just do it!

    • Brain we are totally on the same page! Many of my blog posts are How To’s that I create for myself so I can remember how I accomplished a bit of code or something special for a clients website. I also find that creating posts that aren’t just the written word can be a nice creative outlet, sharing images, creating videos, or podcasts are also a terrific way to connect and produce content.

  5. Keep going! Choose topics to write about that you have a passion for, this will keep you engaged in the process. I tell myself, Google can’t rank posts that are still in my head (yet).

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